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Electrical Testing, PAT Testing & Thermal Surveys

SPJ are professional electrical contractors

Electrical Testing

Ensuring that all electrics are safely installed is equally important in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. This means that arguably, the most important aspect of electrical installation is testing and inspection. Whether for compliance, insurance or on a completed installation, the test certificate is the record of your installation and its present condition.

For domestic work, SPJ Electrical Installations is legally able to self certify the work and notify the appropriate authority as required by law. Although non-domestic properties are not covered by the same legal structure, any work carried out to the incorrect BS standard will fall short of current Electricity at Work Regulations. This means that in the event of an accident or fire, the company may be held accountable. It is for this reason that all work carried out by SPJ Electrical Installations will have the appropriate certificate issued which is your proof that your project was complete to current standards. We will also remind you when further testing is necessary for compliance with current legislation.

SPJ are professional electrical contractors

P.A.T. Testing

At SPJ, we are very competitive in the P.A.T. testing market, offering significant value for money.

During our visit, we will work diligently to ensure that each individual asset has been fully tested. And to save you any inconvenience, we work hard to complete each test as quickly as possible. Each asset is given a unique ID which is listed with the test results in an electronic format for your records.

We will work with you closely, offering help and advice on risk assessment, and in periods between testing, provide reminders in good time of when your tests require renewal.
SPJ are professional electrical contractors

Thermal Testing

Thermal testing of electrical equipment is not generally required unless:
  • A risk assessment has been carried out on equipment for which conventional testing is not suitable.
  • The test has been requested by an insurance company.
Whatever your reason, SPJ can provide a tier two thermal survey to assess hotspots in electrical distribution equipment, motors or contactors and more. This helps highlight any possible failures in the near future, preventing disasters and ultimately saving you money.

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