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Energy Management

Power management plays a large role in making buildings compliant and cost effective to run. SPJ Electrical Installations can offer an individual power survey of a client's building, the results of which can help customers decide on areas where the most savings can be made.

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Our mission to save you money

One of the most efficient ways of saving money is the installation of LED lighting. In our experience the majority of projects we carry out, the saving on an LED lighting installation will pay back the initial cost within two years.

We are happy to carry out a no cost survey and provide you with a report and calculations to show your savings and payback time. SPJ Electrical Installations can carry out an energy logging survey to dicover where you are wasting energy and optimise your facilities energy use and therefore reduce your energy bill. This survey takes approximately two weeks and will highlight inaccurate billing meter equipment and and required power factor correction with savings of up to 30%.

SPJ are professional electrical contractors

Working with landlords

In April 2018, legislation came into force requiring landlords that meet a certain criteria to bring their buildings up to an energy efficiency standard band E. Landlords are now not be allowed to grant a new tenancy until this requirement has been met. The equipment we use for power logging surveys is usually outside the cost of a facility management budget, SPJ Electrical Installation will also rent and set up equipment for external companies to do their own data logging.

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