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Electrical Complicance

To keep abreast of the health and safety at work regulations and electricity at work regulations, each business has an obligation to meet in order to provide a safe working environment. At SPJ Electrical Installations we will advise and organise all aspects of electrical compliance.

SPJ are professional electrical contractors

Fixed Electrical Condition Report

This is a test and inspection of your existing electrical installation, resulting in a certificate which will document any deviations from current regulations and assign to them a risk assessment and code which indicates severity.

As has been shown with our existing clients, this condition report helps us understand your building from an electrical point of view, which in turn makes emergency fault finding and repairs, in additions planned maintenance, a quicker and more efficient process. Because SPJ Electrical Installations are fully approved members of the NIC EIC our certificates are accepted by insurance companies. CONTACT US
SPJ are professional electrical contractors

Fire Alarm Compliance

From installing a new fire alarm system to upgrades and repairs, SPJ Electrical Installations can also organise and carry out quarterly or biannual inspections that are required to keep your business compliant with current regulations.

We can also instruct on what you and your staff need to do on a weekly or monthly basis and help you to put systems in place to ensure you meet your obligations to the current regulations and ensuring that you have a fully operational fire detection system. CONTACT US
SPJ are professional electrical contractors

Emergency Lighting

As with fire alarms, business owners have to comply with emergency lighting regulations. This includes having a system in place for regular inspection and documentation of emergency lighting. We can provide advice and aid setting up such systems. CONTACT US
SPJ are professional electrical contractors

PAT Testing

SPJ believe we are very competative in the P.A.T. testing market, offering value for money. We offer each individual asset a complete test and an asset ID which will then be listed with the test results in an electronic format for your records.

We give help and advice on risk assessment and periods between testing and give reminders in good time of when your tests require renewal. Quite often being safety compliant is not always a managers priority but good housekeeping and compliance will greatly lessen the risk of fire, accidents and electricution and in the unfortunate case of an electrical incident compliance records will show all reasonable precautions were taken by the company. CONTACT US